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Inktober 2017

2017-10-11 09:27:17 by Potatoman

Inktober 2017 is here, time for the art portal to be spammed with delicious inky goodness. I am here to let you all know that I will be contributing to that influx of plain ink drawings, and hopefully they wont be as garbage as the ones I did last year. 

So go out and look at some ink drawings.  

and if you dont...


I am livestreaming on Picarto right now!! Come watch!!

I am currently working on somthing for class, feel free to drop in!!


New 3D Animation: The Magic Remote

2015-03-27 18:39:00 by Potatoman

Hey NewGrounders! It has been a while since I have posted anything!!

So I am proud to present

 The Magic Remote!!



     This is the 3d animation I have ever made, wih all the assets are created by me so I am very proud!!

It was alot of work and troubleshooting but it was really worth it, because I am pretty sure I have a good grip on using AutoDesk Maya!! If anyone ever wants to ask me for some help feel free to hit me up!!

Pretty cool News, I am going to California this week! I will be hangin around with some of my family while I am out there! But what is really cool is that I will be visiting Disney Animation Studios and Dreamworks while I am there!!! So expect some pictures!!!

As for the TheFlashFriends we have a new website design, along with a nice forum!! If you are an animator or an artist wanting to join us, feel free to message me! We need content creators!

If you are wondering when I am going to post another Cartoon, I will have a new one up next week!!!

Be ready for a "Surprise"

Also I have a livestream now too, please follow if you ever wanna see me making stuff!



Power Of Four DevLog #1

2014-07-14 20:31:50 by Potatoman

Development #1

We have started our development on our game for the Power of four!!

The Feel Team


         Artist: http://thelazersofa.newgrounds.com/



Art Stuff!!

  1. We have completed dev art for all the characters in the game! Designed by TheLazersofa!3837101_140537641653_planeconseptcr.png
  2. Here is an awesome plane made by TheLazersofa!​


     3. Awesome Turret made by Potatoman.


 Programing Stuff

                                               Our Programer Kekcsi Has been so friggen helpful!

      Stuff he Has done!

  • Plane Mechanics
  • Plane movements
  • Plane shooting
  • Scrolling level
  • Some AI
  • Plane boost

Feel free to ask questions and what not!

Nata Reflection

2014-05-30 23:21:24 by Potatoman

 Didnt make nata, had fun! I feel like cheeted myself though with many tweens and what not, kinda sad, but all in good spirit!


2014-05-04 22:23:31 by Potatoman

Im gonna do Nata, i had a fun time doing Tofa so why not!

I will update you guys on my progress!

Ye, srry

2014-04-01 22:37:37 by Potatoman

Havent posted any toons lately, been practicing human form, and our website: http://theflashfriends.com


i will make some new stuff soon.Preferebly with more talking, and script.

100 FANS!!

2014-02-03 17:58:05 by Potatoman

           I have reached 100 fans!! Sutch an honor!! Love you newgrounds!!


      I'd like to thank Tom Fulp, me, mom, my dad, my cousin tommy, kombo, kombo's dad, ethan, northridge, mocanico, rike, a spoon, lazersofa, laura croft, michael, trevor, franklin, an unused spoon, wade fulp, mr code, mrs code, dr code, coolisushi, spongebob, bomberman, smoot, skook, a blammed submission, yurgen burgen, brazillian ninja, yurgen burgen, aerocat, AeronMusic, Aled1918,Amaranthus,AnalogByNature,arg644,ArnoldElec,BenjaminTibbetts,blauwwolkje92,bluebolt555booyahbass,BoxFullofZombies,boydemon,BPremo,BrazilianNinja,[BrenTheMan] BrenTheMan,ChazDude,Chdonga,chevelle90,ChillyMcHotpants,Chrisperez5799,CooliSushi,CyanideCupcakes,dara6789,deimos111,DelRio1991,djDurgyDurg,Djsoul88,doesntpostshit,DonMc,Doomroar,DWProductions,eqftc,FlipFlopster,Food123,ForNoReason,froggerfreak,Gameboy12,Hannah,harri21hi,horsenwelles ,hotdogmoe,Informis,InsaneRhyming,IronHeadShot,IronWalrus041,JamesGrantSmith,JappeJJ,JareBear1997,Jeman,

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All inside jokes aside i have a website now!!

Its for me and my friends to post content!



Special thanks to CooliSushi for being my100th follower!!!

New Year, New Milestones

2014-01-02 02:00:49 by Potatoman

The Milestones For 2014!

-Reach at least 150 followers on ng

-Break 130 subscribers on youtube

-Get a daily prize on my own

-Make som good cartoons

-make 2 or 3 new games

-And Have fun doing all this!


What are your milestones for 2014?

The Flash Friends!

2013-12-28 15:13:55 by Potatoman

I havent been doing any new animations lately because i have been designing a website for me and my friends!

You can see it here: http://theflashfriends.com

If you have any ideas for the site tell me!